Rules, Regulations, General Policies

Installing and Dismantling: Installation of exhibits will begin at 12 noon Tuesday before the show opens and must be completed by 8 a.m. on the opening day of the show. Each exhibitor will be provided move- in time approximately two weeks prior to the show. No exhibitor will be allowed to removed his/her exhibit or any essential part of it before 4 p.m. on the last show day. The hours for dismantling and removing exhibits are the day the show closes (4 p.m. to 10 p.m.). Exhibitors shall be liable for all storage and handling charges resulting from leaving material in the exhibit area after 10 p.m. on the day the show closes.

Show management limits the use of forklifts for the loading and unloading of equipment. They will not be used for assembling equipment or displays.

Show management reserves the right to refuse forklift service for safety reasons. Excessive use (as determined by management) of forklifts will be billed at $100/per hour.

Admission/Non-Show Hours: Each exhibitor will furnish to the Exhibit Manager at least one month before the show the names of those personnel who will staff the booth. Entry to the exhibit area during non-show hours will be permitted by exhibitor badge only and will be limited to one hour before and one hour after open show hours.

Show Promotion: The New York Farm Show agrees to provide show promotion and publicity for the show. This will include distribution of general show publicity items in reasonable quantities to exhibition companies at no charge including press releases, logo slicks, and other literature on the New York Farm Show.

If you are shipping a display or supplies to:

The New York State Fairgrounds 
581 State Fair Blvd. 
Syracuse, NY 13209 

They must be received a the show site on Tuesday, February 21st or Wednesday, February 22nd ONLY, prior to the show.

Outgoing freight must be prepared and sent by the exhibitor. The show does not furnish this service for exhibitors.

Floor Plan: The New York Farm Show may, at any time, change the size or location of the exhibition space or layout of the exhibition if the New York Farm Show deems it necessary for the good of the show.

Contract Procedure: Exhibit space in the New York Farm Show is assigned by contract/invitation only. If several independent companies will share the space, this must be so indicated likewise, if subsidiaries or divisions of a company are to be listed as exhibitors, their names should be furnished on the application and on the Exhibitor Registration form for badges. The New York Farm Show reserves the right to reject applications for space, if in the best interest of the show.

Space Assignment: Space assignments will be as provided to exhibitors after acceptance of the contract issued by the New York Farm Show. Notice of any changes in space assignments after acceptance will be provided to exhibitors at least one week prior to the show. The New York Farm Show reserves the right to change such assignments in the best interest of the show.

Subleases: The exhibiting company signing the space contract cannot sublease any portion of the exhibit area to any distributor or manufacturer unless the contract holder is the manufacturer of equipment merchandise to be displayed in the exhibit area or is a direct manufacturer of said equipment or merchandise. 

Character of Exhibits: Exhibit Manager reserves the right to approve the character of all displays and to prohibit any display which,

Fire Marshal Requirements: The following are the Fire Marshall's minimum fire safety requirements and shall be applied at all shows, trade, commercial or otherwise, and shall apply whether the exhibit is open or closed to the public.

a) The display and operation of any cooking or heat producing appliances, pyrotechnics used or storage of flammable liquids, compressed gases, or any other item or process deemed hazardous by the Fire Marshal must have advance approval by the State Fire Marshal's representative.

b) Any motor vehicles, powered equipment, tools, etc., on display shall have their batteries disconnected.

c) No parking of any vehicles unless approved is allowed in the building. Cars and trucks shall be removed immediately after loading or unloading.

d) Decorations and displays shall not block or impede access to fire protection equipment (sprinklers, exit markings, exit doors or emergency lighting equipment).

e) Aisles and exit door shall be maintained free of all obstructions and unlocked for immediate use in the event of an emergency, during hours of occupancy. The use of chains and locks on doors equipped with panic hardware ware is prohibited.

f) Signs approved by the representative designating exits and the direction of travel to exits shall be provided by the lessees a and in place prior to the show opening.

g) Additional fire extinguishers may be required at the discretion of the Fire Marshal's representatives.

h) All electrical extensions cords used shall be of the heavy duty type. Light weight cords of the lamp cord variety are prohibited and are subject to confiscation.

i) All other fire safety laws, regulations and codes that have been duly adopted shall be adhered to by all lessees, exhibitors and show personnel.

Exhibitor Conduct: No soliciting of registrants shall be permitted in the aisles or in other exhibitors' booth. Samples, catalogues, pamphlets, souvenirs, and other promotional items may be distributed by exhibitors and their representatives (including models) only within their own booths. No exhibitor will be permitted to conduct any prize drawings or awards for signing of names and addresses, without prior approval of Exhibitor Manager. All signs, advertising, literature and other promotional material must directly relate to the Exhibitor's name, product and service as set forth and approved in the Exhibit Space Contract. (Gummed labels or stickers for promotion are prohibited).

Use Of Sound Devices: The sound volume must be maintained at a level so as to avoid any interference with neighboring exhibitors and when objections are noted, it may be necessary for the Exhibit Manger to prohibit the use of sound devices or limit operation to short-time periods. Use of sound slides, sound motion pictures, loud speakers, and other sound devices is subject to the approval of the New York Farm Show. Use of motion pictures and slides will be permitted only if they are directly related to products, services, techniques, or application.

Noise: No band or musical group will be permitted in exhibit area. While the operation of displayed products is encouraged, such operation must be accomplished without creating a sound factor which could be objectionable to neighboring booths. This includes the operation of power equipment and construction work during the show hours.

New York Farm Show reserves the right to cancel any exhibit space contract, without penalty, in the event that such noise becomes disruptive to the show.

Concessions: The serving of alcoholic beverages and/or food or other beverages by the exhibitor within the exhibit hall is prohibited, unless special permission is received from the Exhibit Manager.

Balloons: There shall be no sale or give-away of balloons of any type, helium or otherwise.

Contractor's Services: All services, including but not limited to furniture, carpeting, labor, drapery, electrical, telephone, storage and other special required services can be arranged through the New York Farm Show. The Exhibitor services manual provides the proper forms for ordering such services.

Cleaning: The New York Farm Show agrees to provide general hall cleaning at the close of the show each day. Exhibitors must place all trash and other debris in the aisle for pick-up. The exhibitor services manual provides order forms for individual booth cleaning.

Exhibitor Registration Services: The New York Farm Show agrees to provide advance exhibitor registration.

Damage: Exhibitors will be liable for any damage caused by fastening fixtures to floors, walls, or columns of the Exposition Center and for any damages to equipment furnished by the New York Farm Show service suppliers designated by them.

Insurance and Indemnity:
Exhibitor, for itself and on behalf of decorators, contractors, service people or others employed by Exhibitor shall, during the entire term of this lease, secure, furnish and maintain insurances as follows:

1. Workmen's Compensation Insurance in the minimum amounts require by the State of New York.

2. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance with suggested minimum combined limits of liability of $1,000,000 for bodily injury and/or property damage in any one occurrence.

Such insurance coverage shall name New York Farm Show, the officers, agents, and employees as additional insureds. Such policy shall be issued by an insurance company authorized to transact business in the State of New York. Exhibitor shall furnish the New York Farm Show with appropriate Certificates of Insurance, reflecting such coverages.

Indemnity: Exhibitor, on behalf of itself, its agents, servants, employees, customers, and guests, hereby agrees to assume, defend at all times, indemnify, protect, save and hold harmless the New York Farm Show and all its members, agents, servants, and employees against claims or demands arising or resulting from the use of Exhibitor of the space provided by the New York Farm Show, including without limitation the claims of any employee or agent of the Exhibitor, the claims of anyone attending the exhibit, and the claims of any other person for damages for bodily injury, sickness, mental anguish or

death, and claims for damages to the property of any such employee, agent or persons. The New York Farm Show shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to the property of the Exhibitor which is sustained during the use by Exhibitor of the space provide by the New York Farm Show.

Amendment: This contract shall only be amended or modified upon the written consent of both the New York Farm Show and the Exhibitor excepting those provisions expressly providing otherwise.

Management: The New York Farm Show reserves the right to close any exhibit leased herein, without liability, should Exhibitor, the exhibit or any employee thereof engage in acts that are substantially disruptive and against the best interests of the show.

Exhibitor Information: Exhibitor shall furnish the New York Farm Show with any information in writing that may be reasonably requested by the New York Farm Show in connection with the show.

Cancellation: Space cancelled after confirmation of assignment has been made by management will  cost the exhibitor 30% of the exhibitor's total contract obligation. Cancellations must be made in writing to management. In the event that cancelled spaces are resold and the entire show is sold out, management may refund all payments made up to 100% of exhibitor's total contract obligation. Management has the right to relocate exhibitors to comparable spaces other than those specified by the exhibitor, if deemed advisable and in the best interests of the show. Exhibitors will be notified promptly and given the option to cancel with full refund in the event that the relocation is not acceptable.

Time is of the essence in this contract

Choice of Law: The terms and provisions of this lease shall be governed under the laws of the State of New York.

Hazardous Materials: Please be advise that no chemicals or hazardous materials of any kind are allowed in or near the vicinity of the show. This is in concurrence with the EPA and DEC rules and regulations. Should you wish to display containers, you must do so using empty containers only. They cannot be filled with hazardous products or chemicals and brought into the show area. Failure to comply with this safety regulation could result in severe penalties and exclusions from the show.