Rules, Regulations, General Policies


Show Promotion

The New York Farm Show agrees to provide show promotion and publicity for the show. This will include distribution of general show publicity items in reasonable quantities to exhibiting companies at no charge including press releases, logo slicks, and other literature on the New York Farm Show.

Floor Plan

The New York Farm Show may, at any time, change the size or location of the exhibitor’s space or layout of the exhibition if the New York Farm Show deems it necessary for the good of the show.

Contract Procedure

Exhibit space in the New York Farm Show is assigned by contract/invitation only. If several independent companies will share the space, this must be so indicated; likewise, if subsidiaries or divisions of a company are to be listed as exhibitors, their names should be furnished in the application and on the Exhibitor Registration form for badges. The New York Farm Show reserves the right to reject applications for space, if in the best interest of the show.

Space Assignment

Spaceassignments will be as provided to exhibitors after acceptance of the contract issued by the New York Farm Show. Notice of any changes in space assignments
after acceptance will be provided to exhibitors at least one week prior to the show. The New York Farm Show reserves the right to change such assignments in
the best interest of the show.

Audio Visual

Those Exhibitors requiring audio-visual equipment or service should contact:

Syracuse Technologies Corporation
5 Lumber Way
Liverpool, NY 13090
Phone: (315) 679-5360
Email: [email protected]

Use of Sound Devices

The sound volume must be maintained at a level so as to avoid any interference with neighboring exhibitors and when objections are noted, it may be necessary for the Exhibit Manager to prohibit the use of sound devices or limit operation to short-time periods. Use of sound slides, sound motion pictures, loudspeakers and other sound devices is subject to the approval of the New York Farm Show. Use of motion pictures and slides will be permitted only if they are directly related to products, services, techniques, or application.

Booth Cleaning

The New York Farm Show provides general hall cleaning at the close of the show each day. Exhibitors are requested to place all trash and other debris in the aisles for pickup as general cleaning personnel are not allowed to enter an exhibit area. Additional booth cleaning and vacuuming is available from the New York Farm Show at an additional charge. Exhibitors should complete Form #5 to order this service.

Electrical Service

Exhibitors are to complete Form #2 to order this service. All wiring within the exhibit must meet general code specifications. Any technical question should be directed to the New York Farm Show.

Exhibitor Admittance/Non-Show Hours

Booth representatives will not be permitted to enter the exhibition earlier than one hour before scheduled open-ing each day, except on opening day, and will not be
permitted to remain in the exhibition longer than one hour after the closing each night, with the exception of the final night. This is to assure maximumsecurity for the open exhibits and merchandise.

Exhibitor Promotional Activities

Any exhibitor wishing to conduct any type of drawing must complete Form #4. The drawings must be approved by the New York Farm Show which reserves the right to cancel the contract of any exhibitor that is deemed to be guilty of any act that is against the best interests of the New York Farm Show. Free tickets and posters on request for the Show by completing and returning Form #7

Exhibitor Registration

To speed your advance requests for exhibitor badges, you must submit completed information on Form #3 by the deadline. Badges will be available for pickup at the Show Office during move-in. Late exhibitor badge requests and changes can also be processed at this location. Exhibiting companies may be invoiced one dollar ($1.00) for every badge over 10. THERE WILL BE A $5.00 CHARGE FOR EACH BADGE MADE AT THE SHOW.

Fire Safety Regulations

FIRE MARSHAL REQUIREMENTS. The following are the Fire Marshal’s minimum fire safety requirements and shall be applied at all shows, trade, commercial or otherwise, and shall apply whether the exhibit is open or closed to the public.

    (a) The display and operation of any cooking or heat producing appliances, pyrotechnics, use or storage of flammable liquids, compressed gases, or any other item or process     deemed hazardous by the Fire Marshal must have advance approval by the State Fire Marshal’s representative.

    (b) Any motor vehicles, powered equipment, tools, etc. on display shall have their batteries disconnected.

    (c) No parking of any vehicles unless approved is allowed in the building. Cars and trucks shall be removed immediately after loading or unloading.

    (d) Decorations and displays shall not block or impede access to fire protection equipment (sprinklers, exit markings, exit doors or emergency lighting equipment).

    (e )Aisles and exit doors shall be maintained free of all obstructions and unlocked for immediate use in the eventof an emergency, during hours of occupancy. The use of     chains and locks on doors equipped with panic hardware is prohibited.

    (f) Signs approved by the representative designating exits and the direction of travel to exits shall be provided by the lessees and in place prior to the show opening.

    (g) Additional fire extinguishers may be required at the discretion of the Fire Marshal’s representative.

    (h) All electrical devices and installations shall be made in accordance with the applicable provisions of the National Electric Code. All devices must be listed by Underwriters       Laboratories.

    (i) Any electrical extension cords used shall be of the heavy duty type. Light weight cords of the lamp cord variety are prohibited and are subject to confiscation.

    (j) All other fire safety laws, regulations and codes that have been duly adopted shall be adhered to by all lessees, exhibitors and show personnel.


Exhibitors are required to provide liability insurance and hold harmless the New York Farm Show and its repre-sentatives. Please see Terms and Conditions for complete details on requirements.

ChargesExhibit spaces available at the New York Farm Show are divided into 10’ x 10’ divided booths. Multiples of 10’ x 10’ are also available. Deposit must accompany return of the space contract to guarantee the assigned exhibit space.


Complimentary services are provided to all exhibitors, as follows:

        • Free loading and unloading of equipment

        • Free washing of equipment

        • Appreciation Banquet

Show Program

The official New York Farm Show program will be distributed at the Show.Internet/WifiHighspeed Wireless Internet Service for the 3 day eventis available. Exhibitors are to complete Form #8 to order this service.


The serving of alcoholic beverages and/or food or other beverages by the exhibitors within the exhibit hall is prohibited, unless special permission is received from the Exhibit Manager.


There shall be no sale or give-away of balloons of any type, helium or otherwise. Gummed labels or stickers for promotion are also prohibited.

Contractor’s Services

All services, including but not limited to furniture, carpeting, drapery, electrical, storage, Internet/WIFI and other special required services can be arranged through the New York Farm Show. The Exhibitor Guide Book provides the proper forms for ordering such services.

Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor shall furnish the New York Farm Show with any information in writing that may be reasonably requested by the New York Farm
Show in connection with the show.

Hazardous Materials

Please be advised that no chemicals or hazardous materials of any kind are allowed in or near the vicini-ty of the show. This is in concurrence with the E.P.A. and D.E.C. rules and regulations. Should you wish to display containers, you must do so using empty containers only. They cannot be filled with hazardous products or chemicals and brought
into the show area. Failure to comply with this safety regulation could result in severe penalties and exclusion from the show.